Destiny favors those who dream, even if their dreams seem unrealistic. I have realized one such dream of getting back into shape after giving birth to my bundle of joy. Thanks to 'Dance to Fitness' My association with DtF is just a few months old, but the difference it has brought to my life is immense. DtF has not only helped me cut away the extra inches and Kgs, but more importantly has given back my confidence. I would attribute whatever I was able to achieve to DtF's well-structured training sessions, which are rigorous, yet full of fun.

I drive home inspiration from every class and get full support and personal attention from Sonia. She is an amazing trainer and an untiring force behind many such success stories.


Being on the fatter side, I always dreamt to be slim and trim. That's when I came across DtF Fitness Studio and there was no looking back. Thanks to fitness instructors Ritu and Yashoda whose constant motivation kept me pressing on to reach my goal. Today after 5 months at DtF I have lost 10 kgs and 21 inches a dream come true. 


I used to be a fitness freak and had a good figure, but after the birth of my daughter in 2007 I started putting on weight in spite of regular walks and exercise. Then I happen to meet my friend Ruchi who was earlier quite a heavyweight but now had shaped up so well. She told me the secret of her success was DtF. My friend introduced me to Sonia Bakshi, the founder of DTF and rest is history. Today I am at a stage where I have a Before, After and Latest version of snaps with a success story. Thank you DtF


I am an inspiring example to many.                    I was 56 kg when I joined DtF and now am 46 kg in just six months. I am in best shape of my life in and the key to my success story is DtF. In believing in myself and my trainer my overall outlook on life has changed. I am now more become more positive, and I feel more energetic and active. Being fit has also helped me be more relaxed less irritable and like myself for it. I still enjoy good food and deserts while keeping the quantities within limit. My story would be incomplete without thanking my trainer Sonia Bakshi she is great inspiration.


If fitness came in a bottle, I would have been the first one to buy it. After my delivery I gained a lot of baby fat. I started looking older than my age. And with the weight gain came other health problems and low esteem. But I knew my way out. I joined Dtf Elegance the day it opened. At first all fitness disciplines seemed painful and wanted to give up. But my mentors Ritu and Yeshoda's personal involvement helped me to stay on course and I started reaping the fruits of my hard work. Every day in every way I am getting better and better. Thank you DtF.  


It's been 6 wonderful months since I joined Dtf exotica arcade. I never knew weight loss program can be so interesting and impressive. In 6 months I lost 12.2 kg overall and 22 inches. I must say, I feel like it's a new version of my life. Thanks to Ritu & Yash of DtF for being such a great support and motivator in my weight loss journey.


I was always worried about my natural tendency to put on weight. In spite of this I avoided any fitness programs as I did not have the confidence in such programs. That's when I accidently came across DtF. Initially I was sceptical but as the instructors took me through the workouts I must say that my journey with DtF has been excellent. I have reduced 8 kg and 2 inches in 4 months and have been maintaining it for the last 2 months. A big thanks to DtF. I have recommended DtF to my several friends and am a witness to their transformation from fat to fit. Special thanks to my trainers Ritu and Yesodha. 


I I have joined dtf in first week of august, before joining this institute i was worried about my weight gain tendency. Not only this but i was also not confident about several weight loss procedures and techniques.. But having found DTF I must say that my journey for last six months has been excellent. I have reduced 8 kg and 2 inches in 4 months and maintaining it last 2 months. A big thanks to dtf. I have recommended dtf to my several friends and eye-witnessed their transformation from fat to fit. Special thanks to my trainers Ritu and Yasodha  


Everything started when my children started teasing me on my increasing weight gain and to add to that my hubby gifted me a book on weight loss. That's when I decided I will prove myself. And for my luck I came across DtF a fitness stuio managed by Sonia Bakshi. Ever since then there was no looking back. Today I walk around with confidence and feel much younger with an evenly toned body. Thanks to DtF


Having joined DTF I've been able to lose weight and carry myself with much more self-confidence than before. All thanks to DTF. I now have a radiance on my face all the time.